Basic info about Miits

Use the devices you already own

High quality video and audio

Miits provides with a high quality video and audio with any device. You don´t need to buy any additional equipment and can use your built-in webcam for the meetings. You can enhance the experience by using high quality webcam and a headset.  

Have multiparty meetings 

Invite up to 30 participants (Prime and Daily) into one meeting using any of the supported devices.  

See video, hear audio and view / share content

You can have high quality video meetings and share content from your computer for others to see. Mobile device users will be able to receive and send video and audio and view the content shared from a computer. 

Use your browser

You can use your Google Chrome or Opera browsers on your Windows or Mac computer to attend meetings, no additional software installation necessary.

  • Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox browser
  • send / receive video and audio
  • share / view desktop or application
  • instant messaging with others

iOS -mobile devices

Your iPhone or iPad is a perfect tool to use Miits.  With iOS -devices use a free to download application.  

  • free to download Acano -application
  • send / receive video and audio
  • view shared desktop or application
  • instant messaging with others

Android devices

There is no application available for Android mobile device at the moment, but you can use them with Chrome or Opera browser. 

  • use Google Chrome or Opera browser
  • send / receive video and audio
  • view shared desktop or application
  • instant messaging with others

How to use Miits

How do I get my own Miits?

It's easy. Just register on our website and we'll send you the login information by email. And then you're ready to Miit using you web browser - no installations!

How do I send invites?

After registering, log in to the portal. Create a new Miit and invite you friends. Invitees will receive an email with a link to join your meeting.  

How do I join a meeting?

Just click on the link you receive by email from the meeting organizer - you will connect using your Chrome or Opera browser. No need to install any additional software. 

Do I need to register to join a meeting?

You don't have to register or get your own Miits account to join meetings you're invited to. You only need to register to organise a meeting and invite participants.

Do I need any special equipment?

You can use Miits with integrated webcam and audio, but for the best experience we recommend using a high-quality headset or portable speakerphone. This allows you and the person you're Miiting with to hear each other better and it eliminates any disturbances and lessens background noise.

Do all my friends / colleagues need to registers too?

Of course it would be nice, but not necessary. Only the registered user can make a new meeting and invite others, but guests can join too. 

Technical stuff

Are Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge -browsers supported?

No, please see below for the supported browsers. 

Which browsers are supported?

At the moment the officially supported browsers are Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox so we strongly recommend using those. Other browsers will be supported at a  later time. 

How do I use Miits? 

You can use Miits with your computer, smartphone or tablet. With iOS -devices you´ll be asked to install a client software, with Android devices you will use a browser interface. Video with iPhone will be released soon. 

What kind of an internet connection is required? 

You can use Miits with almost any kind of an internet connection, but of course, the faster the better.


Register and get your Miits now!